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How I Learned More About Furniture Trends

I was looking to update the look of my home. I needed to get some new furniture anyways because mine was outdated and needed replaced. I wanted to completely change the entire look of my home and started looking around for the latest in furniture trends.

I started searching around by looking online. I typed in trendy furniture and got lots of modern looking furniture and Houzz was a great resource for me. Then I typed in furniture trends to learn more about what is the most popular type of furniture right now. I looked around and read alot about how people are decorating their homes and the type of furniture that is popular.

I learned that many people are decorating their homes in primitive style and also western style decor. There are lots of furniture options available in both types of styles. After looking around at the decorations and the type of furniture, I decided I wanted to decorate my home in a more primitive style.

I started looking online for furniture trends in primitive decor. I found lots of great furniture such as bed sets and couches that are made to look primitive. It has been really fun shopping around for this type of furniture and I have found lots of things to buy.

Since I am decorating in primitive and have bought some things new, I have also started looking around for used things that I can paint or decorate myself. I need to find a desk to buy so I can paint it. I am really interested in trying to distress the paint on the desk. My next furniture purchase will be a desk.

In my search for primitive items, I have come across these window shutters that I really want to buy too. They are wooden and have a primitive star cut out on them. They are a little more expensive though and I am going to have to wait to get them. I have lots of windows in my home and will need to spend lots of money for all of them.

I am glad I was able to finally get rid of the old furniture that plagued my home. I was able to find really great furniture trends and make my home look different. I love the look of it now and can’t wait to add more things and furniture to my collection of primitive items.

How To Pursue An Exciting Career In Fashion Design


Typically, when people think of fashion design, they think of big-name designers such as Ralph Lauren or Betsey Johnson. However, there are many not-so-famous people who also work in the field of fashion. These people design clothing for retailers throughout the world. Whether you want to work in the glitz and glamour of the high-fashion world or you just want a chance to influence clothing that is worn by everyday people, becoming a fashion designer can be extremely rewarding.

If you want to work in this field, you need to have a creative mind and a good eye for color. It goes without saying that you should also love fashion. If you spend all your time reading fashion magazines, shopping for clothing, watching fashion shows, or keeping up with the latest trends, chances are this career would be a good fit.

Ideally, you should attend a design school if you really want to make this your career. Many art schools have a specific curriculum that is centered around fashion. In school, you will learn about all of the tools that are used to make clothing as well as basic design principles and construction techniques. Mastering the basics can give you the foundation that you need to start creating your own designs.

While you are in school, you can also start building your portfolio. This is essentially a look book of all of your best work. Take photographs of everything that you create. Also, if possible, save some of your best pieces so that you have them to show to potential employers when it comes time to look for a job.

When you get out of school, one of the first things that you should do is look for an internship. This will give you a chance to get your feet wet in the world of fashion and to build relationships with industry insiders. In many cases, the company that offers you the internship will eventually go on to hire you as a full-time employee.

Alternatively, you can also branch out on your own and start your own fashion line. Be aware, however, that this requires a lot of money and patience. You need to be willing to put in hard work before you succeed. Additionally, you also need to find a way to cover your expenses until you start making money with your clothing. Typically, this means working a second job along with starting your own clothing line.

Fashion Hacks EVERYONE Should Know

You can be the most fashion obsessed and fashion conscious person in the world and still need some good hacks every now and then. Heck, I bet even world famous designers like Roberto Cavalli, Jean Paul Gaultier, Kate Spade, Hubert de Givenchy, Carolina Herrera, Tom Ford, Donna Karan and all the other beg name designers even need a fashion hack every now and then.

Well, if you are ready for some of the most useful fashion hacks that I have ever seen, then let me share with you this awesome collection of them that I came across online. You see I was on YouTube and really just happened upon the video below and found out that it was actually a pretty decent collection of essential fashion hacks.

Why not give it a watch below and see if you don’t learn something awesome from it! The video is called: 10 Fashion Life HACKS Everyone Should Know

Via Roxxasaurus – Hello my lovelies!! Today I bring you a collection of 10 Fashion Life Hacks that everyone should know! Some of these you guys may already know but these are my favourite fashion hacks so I thought I would test them out and share them with you in this video! Don’t take this video too seriously, it’s just a little bit of fun!! Hope you enjoy!

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