If you’re obsessed with all things fashion and are looking to move into the field, there are several steps you want to take to improve your chances for success.  Maybe you dream of creating your own fashion design, or maybe you just want to work in fashion.  There are hundreds of people wanting to get into the fashion world, which makes it competitive.  You want to go in with your best chance at making the grade.  Here are the top tips to getting a job in fashion design.


Your training starts by reading everything fashion you can get your hands on to in the know.  It’s best to attend college, and if you’re serious about making it in the fashion world with your own designs, it matters which school you attend.  When applying to a top fashion school, you start by sending a portfolio of design drawings.  Creativity is something that can’t be taught, so you want to show off your creativity.  It is recommended to have some basic drawing skills and some sewing experience.

Attending a fashion program is generally three to four years long, and it will include fine arts courses, drawing, form, and color composition.  You will learn cutting techniques, draping, and pattern making.  If you’re ambitious, you can win grants and other awards to help with the finances during school.  When students graduate, they show their collections and many important people attend these graduations to scout for new fashion talent.

Alternatives to College

If you’re someone that can’t or don’t want to attend college, there are alternatives.  If you want to be a seamstress or pattern maker, then look for an internship.  Several famous designers started out without any formal training.  To apply for an internship, you need to send a portfolio to the fashion house you’re interested in and go from there.  There is a lot of competition, and it can help if you have a personal connection with someone at the fashion house.  A word of warning: with so many people attending college today, it’s hard to land an internship without an education.

What’s Next?

You finished college, and now you’re ready to start looking for a place to do an internship or get your first fashion design position.  You want your passion for the work to stand out, so armed with your portfolio; you want to create a thoughtful cover letter and a resume that is flawless.  Include specific examples of why you love the company and why you would be a great addition to their team.  Create a list of target companies and get ready to send out your employment packet.  Before you do that, check your social media.  Be sure that they will look you up on social media, and there may be things there that you wouldn’t want any prospective employer to see.  Take a little time and clean things up and add things you would want someone in the fashion world to see.  Now you’re ready to start applying.

The Business

It’s really not enough to know all about fashion or to have amazing creativity; you also need to know something about the business.  Fashion is becoming more and more corporate, so having an awareness of the business details is important.  You may have the opportunity to add some college courses, or you can learn the basics of economics on your own.  Reading Women’s Wear Daily religiously will give you some valuable information.  Whatever your approach is, don’t forget the business of fashion design.


Before you go for an interview, do your homework about the company.  It may seem like a no-brainer, but be on time because being late will not be a good start.  Their first idea of you will be how you look, so dress professional, polished, and completely put together.  Show off some of your personality in the interview, but don’t get too carried away.  Showcase your point of view and taste through your portfolio and social media sites.  Remember, people in the fashion world are looking for someone to stand out from the crowd.  Finally, send a hand-written thank you note right after the interview.